Articles by Florian Colceag


Chains or Freedom - September 1999

Globalization - January 2000

Processes - February 2000

Basic Necessities - March 2000

Values - May 2000

Political Management - October 2000 (Word 97 doc 57k)

Society and Education - June 2001 (very large html 700k)

Mathematical Model of Global Education System by the Internet - June 2001

Granite School District Gifted & Talented Program Evaluation - June 2001

Relationship between Education and Economy - June 2001 (also Word doc 46k)

Cellular Automata, Algebraic Fractals - October 2001 (also Word doc 491k)

The Charm of Geometry - October 2001 (also Word doc 500k)

Dialog and Globalisation Policies - October 2001 (also Word doc 116k)

Globalisation and Human Dimensions - October 2001, Revised Nov 2001 (also Word doc 37k)

Calculus - October 2001 (also Word doc 27k)

Romania & European Integration - November 2001 (also Word doc 190k)

Romania - Internal Perspective - November 2001 (also Word doc 52k)

Educated People Global Perspective - November 2001 (also Word doc 37k)

Psychology and Society - December 2001 (also Word doc 33k)

Algebraic Fractals - Fractal Varieties - December 2001 (also Word doc 75k)

Complexity and Linearity - December 2001 (also Word doc 90k)

Modelling and Models - December 2001 (also Word doc 37k)

Horizontal and Vertical Social Relationships - December 2001 (also Word doc 82k)

Gaia the global culture - March 2002 (also Word doc 54k)

Development and Stability - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 - April 2002 (also zipped Word docs Part 1 594k, Part 2 521k, and Part 3 536k)

Conflicts and Wars - June 2002 (also Word doc 148k)

Control and Challenge - September 2002 (also Word doc 101k)

Informational Fields, Structural Fractals - September 2003 (also Word doc 300k)

Universal Language - March 2004 (large html with embedded java applets and graphics - in total 650k and will take a while to download)

Florian Colceag is a mathematician, working in education. He worked for about 20 years with mathematically gifted children who obtained 69 medals in international competitions - now they are professors at the most well-known universities of the world , or they work in scientifical research, economics, or finish their doctoral studies (about 200 - 300 of them).

Additionally he models mathematically different phenomena, in education, sociology, biology, history, anthropology etc. He uses fractal varieties for this purpose, a new domain in mathematics.

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